"What are you?" Asked the genral.

"I am strength!" Anwserd by a girl with a fiery determnation in her eyes.

"And you?" The genral asked the other.

"Hope" Whisperd the little girl with soft dream like eyes and a calming sound to her voice. "I am the voice the reminds people its okay and they’ll escape one day. I am Hope"

"Very well" Nodded the genral, "and what about you?" 

"I am the fighter" Said the girl who looked as plain as can be.

"Fighter?" Asked the genral "You sound aboustly useless! What makes you think you are of any importance?"

"The same reason that makes strength and hope of any importance. I’m what keeps the person alive and kicking. I’m what stops them from drowning in darkness and jumping off the edge. I’m what keeps them in check and breathing. Without me you’ll just have a life less corpse walking out. I’m the difference between suicide and living. I’m everything wrapped in one. The word ‘fighter’ is giving to those whom wish to win this battle with themselves, those who don’t give up and those who are determined to be okay again. Those who will resist all temptations. Those who fight the hardest of enemy’s, those who are prisoners of their own mind. Fighter is for those who are determined and willing to do anything to win and be okay. Those who see the hope in their life and hold on to it. Those who are willing to stand up for a cause. Those whom are brave and strong beyond limit. I am reserved for those who fight, those who have unseen scars. I am the fighter"

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